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Best Binary Options Strategy

If you are looking for the best strategy for binary options you are in the right website !!

Your trading in binary options is probably not going to do you well for the following reasons:

-Are Applying several forex indicators without being able to predict the deadline. (Most common mistake)

-Are Investing (probably on IQoption) with a capital of $ 40, this does not allow you to cover the losses with a fair money managment.

-Your Strategy seems to work well in the past but not altrettando with future signals. (Typical of the classic indicators)

-You Already burned partially or totally your account and now you are trading in a demo account for some time …

If you meet these reasons I strongly recommend you continue reading.

Binary options are a recent derivative, in which the deadline is critical in order to obtain income from our investments, and is undoubtedly the most complex thing binary options.

Many traders fail to predict the right expires due to low time frame that often use, or 1-3-5-10 minutes, that by applying the technical analysis is really hard to prevedere.Inoltre another reason that makes it even more difficult is the fact that all the classic trading indicators are developed for the forex where the time period is not so important.

That’s why using the classic indicators in binary options does not lead to great results, we at UNUSUAL we studied at length and we got to create our proprietary indicator very simple and easy to use that allows us to quickly guess the market direction in the next hours and allow us to get a WIN RATE EQUAL tO 92% with 6 mesi.unusual indicator test

Perhaps the image so without some experience you seem unclear, but in fact its use is very simple, it consists of two elements in practice:

-particular levels scored in the graphic assets that allow us to understand when the price will have to change direction

-indicator Logarithmic-off assets that allows the calculation of over phases, critical to have maximum certainty reverse clutch.

Therefore, its use gives rise to two types of signals:

In-assets: achieving particular levels Unusual retest, expiration timeframe = x 2

Off-assets = achieving quotas over-sell

unusual indicator


By combining in-assets and off-assets you will get a 92% win rate (excluding of course the stages prior to important macroeconomic news that upset the market in those particular times)

With a fair Money Managment and this indicator the results will be amazing.

This indicator is our property and is called UNUSUAL INDICATOR therefore it is useless to look for it online because you will not find anything, if you want more information, write to the page or to our contact form

If you want to start making money as NOI and our customers can sceglire to follow our signals or learn to do as you are trading US.

DO NOT waste your time and your MONEY, leave the job to professionals.

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